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100 Watt LED Driver For LED Tape - IP67

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Brand: SLG Lighting Ltd.

100 Watt LED Driver For LED Tape - IP67

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100 Watt LED Driver for LED Tape - IP67 Waterproof.


✔ Perfect for use with LED tape

✔ IP67 Waterproof

✔ Meets all British and European standards


This 100w driver is IP67 waterproof making it perfect for a range of installations, including bathrooms.

Our LED driver is tested to the highest standard, and meets all British and European safety standards. This is a commercial grade power supply that also includes PFC (Power Factor Correction). PFC ensures that your LED lighting is being given the correct amount of watts and will ensure the long life of your LED products.

Driver capacity

Up to a total of 20 metres of Standard Single Colour LED Tape

Up to a total of 13.5 metres of Colour Changing 30 LED RGB tape

Up to a total of 6.5 metres of Colour Changing 60 LED RGB tape


  • Dimensions: 228mm (L) 69mm (W) 42mm (D)
  • 170-250 Volt AC, suitable for worldwide markets
  • Meeting all major European & worldwide standards
  • Built in PFC
  • 12v DC Output
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • 100w

Typical Uses

Our LED Drivers are typically found wherever our LED Tape is in operation, whether in the office, at home, or in a restaurant or even at your local gym; all LED Tape must be powered by an LED Driver.

You may find our LED Driver where LED Tape is in use, in the following places:


 - Living room
 - Dining room
 - Kitchen
 - Bathroom
 - Bedroom
 - Stairs
 - Hallways
 - Gardens


 - Restaurants
 - Retail units / shops
 - Cinemas
 - Supermarkets
 - Leisure Centres
 - Hotels
 - Offices
 - Hospitals 
 - Museums
 - Gyms
 - Bars / nightclubs

If you are considering which LED Driver would be the most suitable size for your installation and would like to talk it through with one of our Technical Advisers, please email or call 0844 318 1118 and speak with one of the team.

Key Features

Key Features of our 100 Watt LED Driver include:

 - The ability to run upto 100 watts of LED Tape (6.5 metres of standard LED Tape or 20.5 metres of standard LED Tape).
- Regulates the power supply given to your LED Tape ensuring the best performance.

If you would like to discuss these benefits or if you have any questions about our LED Drivers, please email or call 0844 318 1118 and speak with one of our team.



Technical Information

The technical information for our 100 Watt LED Drivers is detailed below:

- 100 watt maximum capacity:
- 6.5 metres of high output LED Tape
- 20.5 metres of standard output LED Tape
- LED Driver dimensions: 228mm (L) x 69mm (W) x 42mm (H)
- Colour: grey
- Tested and certified by SGS
- Passes all British and European standards

If you require any further information relating to the technical specification of our LED Drivers or if you simply have a question to ask please contact us at or call 0844 318 1118 and speak with one of our Technical Advisers.