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200w LED Dimmable Driver 12v or 24v


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SKU: ELED-200-12T

Brand: SLG Lighting Ltd.

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    200w LED Dimmable Driver 12v or 24v

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    200w LED Dimmable Driver 12v or 24v DC

    • Compatible with our Range of Dimmable Controllers 
    • Maximum Load of 200w/ 12v or 24v DC Driver 

    Our new dimmable driver is perfect for use with our dimmable LED products, such as the recommended Varilight Pro Dimmer. 

    For optimum usage, we recommend that you use a minimum 10% load, any less than this may induce flickering. 

    Suitable for leading/trailing edge.

    We have a large range of drivers/transformers to suit whatever minimum/maximum load you require. Please don't hesitate to contact our team if you need any advice. 


    • Built-in active PFC function (PF>0.95)
    • Cooling by free air convection
    • IP66 Design
    • Fully isolated, delivering up to 200W of power
    • Short circuit/ Over voltage protection