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IP65 Waterproof LED Tape - Warm White


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Brand: SLG Lighting Ltd.

Need specific cuts and lengths?
IP65 Waterproof LED Tape - Warm White

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What is LED Tape?

LED tape is a continuous strip of light up to a maximum of 6 Metres long available in White, Warm White, Blue, Red or Green. It is only 3mm thick with the flexibility of a metal tape measure.

The IP65 rated LED Tape dust proof and splashproof, therefore cleaning and maintenance is very easy, simply run a damp cloth across the strip.

It uses 3M branded self adhesive so you simply peel and stick on. It's cuttable to the nearest 50mm therefore very personalised and we will cut to size for all of our customers free of charge if the order is over £30, therefore you only pay for what you need.

It is extremely bright, brilliant for use in areas where a waterproof product is needed, such as a bathroom, outdoors and areas where it may be exposed to water or moisture.

LED Tape will splash a beautiful continuous linear effect light onto its application.

We have supplied this product to thousands of customers nationwide and are amongst the largest suppliers of this product in the UK.

Major Benefits;

#1) You can cut to size every 50mm (5cm) by simply using a pair of scissors. If you choose to cut yourself we can also supply silicon sealant and endcaps.
#2) Let us do the hard work and use of bespoke service, simply call us on 0844 318 1118 during working hours or email tell us your measurements and we will cut and wire up for you.
#3) Low Voltage only 12 Volt. Only 10mm wide & 5mm deep.
#4) Uses the highest quality Epistar branded LED's. An amazing 60 LED's on every metre, 4.8 Watt per metre.
#5) Very easy to install, uses 3M branded self adhesive so simply peel and stick down. We can also supply brackets for areas where the self adhesive will not be strong enough such as outdoors or a bathroom.
#6) Can be fully dimmed using our remote control dimmer or Wall Dimmer with Remote control. Order code for remote dimmer SLGDIM OR Order code for Wall Dimmer With Remote SLGDIMWR
#7) Average life line of the LED's of 50,000 hours. Therefore years upon years of continuous use. The product will probably outlast your installation whether it being a kitchen, house, bar or club.
#8) Comes with a 12 month warranty incase in the very unlikely event the product fails.

LED Drivers. You can click on any of these to be taken to the relevant product page.

15w LED Driver - Will run a maximum of 1 metres

30w LED Driver - Will run a maximum of 2 metres

48w LED Driver - Will run a maximum of 3 metres

60w LED Driver - Will run a maximum of 4 metres

100w LED Driver - Will run a maximum of 6.5 metres

150w LED Driver - Will run a maximum of 10 metres

For every cut of LED tape, it is also recommended that your order a Input Lead. The Input lead (Item Code - TINPUT), is basically a 2 mtr power cable which allows you to simply plug each length of LED Tape back into the LED Driver. We can solder the LED Input lead to the cut of tape for you as part of our bespoke service or you can do this yourself, it is very straight forward to do and will take no longer than a couple of minutes.

You can only order LED Tape by the metre on our website, so if bespoke cuts are required please call us on 03334432463 or email

As we cut this product from a 6mtr reel, it is excluded from our usual return policys. Therefore it is personalised to your person requirements. (Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information)

Also available weatherproof housing IX 365 for your LED drivers.