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7mm Recessed LED Profile (Extrusion)

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Brand: SLG Lighting Ltd.

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  • Length = 0 watts
  • Regular Price: £18.50

    Special Price: £7.00

    7mm Recessed LED Profile (Extrusion)

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    7mm Recessed Aluminium LED Profile (Extrusion).

    Now available in a 1m or a 2m long length also with the option to add an LED strip to the profile.

    A recessed anodized aluminium LED profile which can be used to house any of our LED Tapes. Our range of LED Profiles help to keep our LED Tape safe and out of the way, free from moisture and dust. It also gives the product a professional finish.


    We supply all of our extrusions in a 1m or 2m long length which is easily cuttable using a hacksaw or other types of cutting equipment (therefore the price displayed is per metre). The profile is supplied with a frosted cover.


    The profiles are very simple to install, either by using double sided adhesive, glue or screws.


    For customers who require longer lengths than 2m, you can simply just butt them up to one and other up to what length you require.


    The LED Profile is absolutely superb quality, 24mm wide, 7mm deep and requires a 17.5mm cut out to install. Please note, the product does not include the LED Light shown in image below/above. This is sold separately.


    End caps are also available to finish off the install and seal the ends. Order code SLGRESEND.



    Please note you will also need an LED Driver to power the tape if you choose to add the LED Strip , drivers required below :


    Up to 1 Metre requires a 7 watt LED Driver product code - SLG7WAMP6


    Up to 2 Metre requires a 15 watt LED Driver product code - SLG15WAMP6


    As we cut this product from a 20m reel, it is excluded from our usual return policy. Therefore it is personalised to your personal requirements (please refer to our terms and conditions for more information).

    Typical Uses

    Our LED Profiles are typically used as protection for LED Tape from moisture and dust, etc. however, they are increasingly becoming a design feature. Our Recessed Aluminium LED Profile is an attractive addition to any room and enhances your LED Tape, providing a high quality finish and presenting a constant strip of light beaming through the frosted cover of the LED Profile.

    You may find our LED Profiles in the following places:


     - Kitchens
     - Bathrooms
     - Living rooms
     - Dining rooms
     - Bedrooms
     - Stairways


     - Restaurants
     - Retail units / shops
     - Cinemas
     - Supermarkets
     - Leisure Centres
     - Hotels
     - Offices
     - Hospitals
     - Museums

    If you are considering using our Recessed Aluminium LED Profile and would like to discuss your plans with one of Technical Advisors, please email or call 0844 318 1118 and speak with one of the team.

    Key Features

    Key Features of our Recessed Aluminium LED Profile include:

     - Designed to sit well under cabinets or within furniture and walls, etc.
     - Provides your LED Tape with protection and a safe home away from moisture and dust
     - Gives a professional finish to your LED Tape
     - Attractively designed, constructed of Aluminium with an anodised finish and featuring a frosted cover
     - Supplied in 1 metre lengths but can butt up to other Corner Mounted LED Profiles seemlessly for longer lengths of LED Tape
     - Allows you to angle light onto a display or worktop due to the corner angle
     - Easily mounted using double sided adhesive tape, glue or screws
     - Tape is easily fitted by using the Tapes 3M adhesive backing, simply peel and stick

    If you would like to discuss these benefits or if you have any questions about our Recessed Aluminium LED Profiles please email or call 0844 318 1118 and speak with one of our team.



    Technical Information

    The technical information for our Recessed Aluminium LED Profile is detailed below:

     - The body of the profile is constructed from aluminium
     - The LED Profile has a frosted cover where the light is able to shine through
     - The profile is supplied in 1 metre lengths as standard
     - It is easy to cut the profile to shorter lengths using a hacksaw or other cutting equipment
     - We can cut this for you if you specify your required length at the time of order
     - The profile has a slim design with the following measurements - 22mm wide and 6mm deep
     - This profile requires a 15.2mm cut out to install
     - End Caps (SLGRESEND) are available to seal the extrusion and can be added to your order during your 'package builder' process

    If you require any further information relating to the technical specification of our Recessed Aluminium LED Profile or if you simply have a question to ask please contact us at or call 0844 318 1118 and speak with one of our Technical Advisors.